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Super Junior

With 16 Ingredients

Designed not just for Juniors but also as an
All Year Round base mixture for Fancy and Show Pigeons.
Green Peas, White Dari, Red Dari, Special White Wheat, Safflower, Tares, White Peas, Mung Beans, Linseed, White Millet, Soya Beans, Buckwheat, Groats, Paddy Rice, Black Rapeseed, Small Sunflower Seed.

Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)

Stock Bird
A reformulated low cost maintenance / winter mixture for your Stock Birds, now with maple peas and extra French roundberry maize, containing a higher level or Wheat and Barley

Wheat, Barley, French Roundberry Maize, Tic Beans, White/Yellow Peas, Blue/Green Peas, Maple Peas, Red Dari.

Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)

Breed & Wean
A new introduction to this range based on our well liked CONCORDE Mix. This ideal Young Bird Mix has a higher level of energy (ME). This can be increased further by adding a percentage of our well proven Hi Pro Energy Mix in the feeding programme.
Maple Peas, Red Dari, Wheat, Tares, White Dari, Safflower.
Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
3.2   16.2   5.58     54.0        12.9

Super Breeder
A well balanced mixture containing all the nutrients required during the breeding season.

French Roundberry Maize, White/Yellow Peas, Wheat, Maple Peas, Old Crop Tic Beans, Tares, White Dari, Red Dari, Blue/Green Peas, Safflower.

Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
4.1   13.8   4.56     51.3        12.4

Special Breeder
Based on our Super Breeder Mix with less Maize and Wheat but with a higher level of Beans and Peas.
French Roundberry Maize, Maple Peas, Old Crop Tic Beans, White/Yellow Peas, Blue/Green Peas, Wheat, Red Dari, Safflower, Tares, White Dari.
Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
4.5   15.6   5.53     50.1        12.6

Designed as a well balanced "First" feed mixture. Also ideal for doves and smaller breeds of pigeons.

Wheat, Cut Maize, Red Dari, White Dari, Maple Peas, Barley, Buckwheat, Tares, Safflower.

Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
3.4   11.9   4.65     55.0        12.4

One of the very best quality mixtures within our range, specifically designed for young birds. It is high in top quality Maple Peas, giving a high level of proteins and oils.
Maple Peas, Red Dari, Wheat, Tares, White Dari, Safflower, Soya Beans (Roasted).
Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
2.5   20.6   5.73     42.1       11.5

Super Young Bird No Maize
A mixture specially designed for all young bird requirements and conditions.

Maple Peas, Wheat, White/Yellow Peas, Red Dari, Blue/Green Peas, Safflower, Tares, White Dari.

Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
3.3   17.7   6.10     6.10        12.2

Young Bird
with Maize
A higher energy young bird mixture containing a small amount of linseed for maintaining condition "Bloom", with maize the energy provider for improved flying results.
White/Yellow Peas, Maple Peas, Wheat, Blue/Green Peas, Red Dari, Safflower, Tares, White Dari, Frencg Roundberry Maize, Linseed.
Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
4.6   15.1   5.68     52.7        13.1

Trapping &
This mixture is made up of a smaller seeds including Rapeseed, Linseed and Hempseed all providing the widest source of proteins, oils, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids.


Wheat, Red Dari, Paddy Rice, Red Rapeseed, Safflower, Buckwheat, Linseed, Naked Oats, White Dari, Black Rapeseed, Layers Pellets, Aniseed Oil, Mung Beans, Cod Liver Oil.

Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
11.5 12.9   4.78     43.8        13.5

No 1
A well tried traditional mixture high in proteins and oils
Old Crop Tic Beans, Maple Peas, Tares.
Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
1.8   24.7   5.13     40.1        11.6
No 2
Another well tried traditional mixture containing 40% French Roundberry maize.
Old Crop Tic Beans, French Roundberry Maize, Maple Peas.
Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
2.4   19.6   3.93     45.8        11.8

Super Widowhood
A well balanced mixture containing 39% French Roundberry Maize designed for the Widowhood System for Old Birds.


French Roundberry Maize, Wheat, Blue/Green Peas, Red Dari, White/Yellow Peas, Maple Peas, Tares, White Dari, Safflower, Buckwheat, Mung Beans.

Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
3.9   14.1   4.48     52.4        12.6

Premium Gold
A high quaility premium Widowhood mixture with the addition of Tic Beans, no Wheat and less Maize compaired with the other two Widowhood mixtures.
French Roundberry Maize, White/Yellow Peas, Old Crop Tic Beans, Maple Peas, Red Dari, Blue/Green Peas, Tares, White Dari, Safflower.
Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
4.1   15.5   5.30     47.8        12.1
Popcorn Elite
Maple Peas, Red Dari, Wheat, Popcorn Maize, Tares, White Dari, Safflower.

Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
0.0   00.0   0.00     00.0        00.0

Super Jet
2000 Hi Carbo
A high carbohydrate mixture designed for medium to long distance flyers to quickley restore condition and energy. Fetches the flesh back to the high colour "Pink" and at the same time helps to remove "Toxins" out of the system, so helping them to reduce muscle fatigue. A very high energy (ME) value.


Red Dari, White Dari, Wheat, Safflower, Naked Oats, Paddy Rice, Soya Beans (Roasted), Barley, Hempseed, Broken Rice, Linseed, Mung Beans.

Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
7.4   10.9   6.32     55.9        13.8

Four Seasons
Hi Bean
For those fanciers who like a mixture containing a higher level of Tic Beans.
New Crop Tic Beans, French Roundberry Maize, White/Yellow Peas, Wheat, Blue/Green Peas, Maple Peas, Red Dari.
Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
2.4   18.2   4.30     48.7        12.1
Moulting Extra
A well balanced mixture designed to improve the moulting process. For best results use the mixture as "The Complete Feed" through the moulting period.


French Roundberry Maize, White/Yellow Peas, Barley, Wheat, New Crop Tic Beans, Red Dari, Maple Peas, Blue/Green Peas, Safflower, Groats, Tares, Linseed, White Dari, Black Rapeseed, Buckwheat, Paddy Rice.
Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
6.2   14.5   4.6      50.2        13.1
High Protein
Low Cost
A well liked mixture with the lower cost of feeding being the main criteria.
French Roundberry Maize, White/Yellow Peas, New Crop Tic Beans, Blue/Green Peas, Red Dari, Wheat.
Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
3.0   14.2   4.12     55.7        12.8

Super Depurative
A mixture containing a small amount of Linseed and Safflower, but with a high level of Barley. Linseed is included to maintain the condition of the feathers.


Barley, Wheat, Red Dari, Naked Oats, Safflower, White Dari, Linseed.

Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
4.2    9.6    5.27     57.2        12.8

All Seasons
A new introduction by us for a very popular all purpose general mixture which already has a strong following in the UK. With 38% Maple Peas and 26% French Roundberry Maize.
Maple Peas, French Roundberry Maize, Wheat, Red Dari, White/Yellow Peas, Whire Dari, Safflower.
Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
3.8   14.1   5.51    49.4         11.9
Our best quality mixture well used and highly recommended. High in good quality Maple Peas designed to give a well balanced high level of protein and oil with Maize being the energy provider to give improved flying results.
French Roundberry Maize, Maple Peas, Red Dari, Tares, White Dari, Safflower.
Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
3.7   15.0   4.62     50.4        12.3
Endurance Plus
This is a specialist System Mix. Formulated to compete with the ever increasing demands for low protein, oil and fibre mix with high starch and energy (ME) values, it contains high levels of French Roundberry Maize, White Dari, Safflower and Paddy Rice - a total of 87% of the mix. The high fibre content is useful to keep this diet open. It also contains 2.5% Energy Pellets. Its reccommended primary use is for all types of Racing, for Young and Old Birds as a system mix.

French Roundberry Maize, Safflower, White Dari, Paddy Rice, Naked Oats, Red Dari, Energy Corn, Broken Rice, Mung Beans, Wheat, Barley, Cod Liver Oil, Success Corn, Soya Beans (Roasted), Buckwheat, Linseed, Carrot Corn.

Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
9.0   10.4   8.71     53.1        13.4
Hi-Fat Energy
(Partial System Mix)
Speciall formulated to help and increase the development of muscle reserves so necessary for birds to achive under hard and difficult conditions. French Roundberry Maize,Roasted Soya Beans, Paddy Rice, Safflower and Broken Rice represent 55% of the mixture giving high levels of protein and oil as well as the highest energy (ME) level and high fibre level which helps keep the diet open. Its use is highly recommended at all stages of Young and Old Birds racing life. It therefore can be classed as a very high quality "Partial" System Mix.
French Roundberry Maize, Maple Peas, Soya Beans (Roasted), White Dari, Safflower, Paddy Rice, Red Dari, Peanuts, Broken Rice, Tares, Naked Oats, Aniseed Oil, Linseed, Black Rapeseed, Cod Liver Oil.

Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
12.5 15.8    7.17     40.3        13.8

All Rounder
A well liked "Heavy" mixture with the energy (ME) level just below average.
White/Yellow Peas, French Roundberry Maize, Wheat, New Crop Tic Beans, Maple Peas, Tares, Blue/Green Peas Peas.
Oil   Pro.   Fib.   Starch  Energy (ME)
2.2   18.0   4.38     48.3        12.0

All analysis tested in December 2004 except Breed and Wean tested in November 2005


ME = Metabolised Energy, measured in Mega Joules per Kilo





Let us remind ourselves, birds lose up to half their weight during a race. It is essential that the birds' muscle be developed by use of extra protein during training and the build up to a race. During the early parts of the race carbohydrate is used. This comes from muscle and liver stores of glycogen, formed from high starch ingredients such as maize. As the race continues body fat stores are mobilised to provide fuel. The total quality feeding energy (ME) value at 14 and costing factors of French Roundberry Maize is the best value compared to other types of maize varieties.


Research has shown that if oil is used in the mixtures the muscle can adapt to using it as an energy source. In CountryWide mixtures the diet oil comes from Safflower, Linseed, Rape Seed, Naked Oats and Cod Liver Oil. In the Hi Pro Energy Mix the levels are further increased by the inclusion of Roasted Soya Beans, Peanuts and Aniseed Oil. Once the starch and oil are exhausted as energy sources research has shown protein from the muscles is then used as a final fuel to finish the race.



The Best of British Pigeon Mixtures

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