Blackbird – Turdus merula

The Blackbird is one of the most familiar of British birds. Most commonly seen in woodlands, fields and gardens across the UK and Ireland, but equally comfortable in more built-up areas.


Adult: Adult Blackbirds are all black, with a yellow bill and eye ring. The first winter males retain dark brown wing feathers, distinguishing them from the more mature, black winged males.
Female: Browner in colour, with a speckling of faint spots on the breast which vary from brown to brown-grey. Their bill is brownish in colour.
Size: 24—27cm.
Bill: Yellow, short and thin.
Legs: Black, medium length.
Habitat: Gardens, heaths, woodlands and hedges.
Behaviour: Walks, hops and perches, takes off/lands on the ground.
Flocking: 1—15.
Flight: Direct, strong and powerful.
Voice: A flute-like, mellow song, warbling and a loud, harsh chatter of alarm.


Nest: Trees and bushes.
Eggs: 3—5. Greenish-blue with red spots.
Incubation period: 11—17 days.
Fledgeling: 13–14 days.
Broods: 2—3. March—late June.
Food: Insects, worms, berries and seeds.
UK breeding pairs: 4,700,000.

Suggested feed

Suet Pellets, Raisins/Sultanas.

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