Chaffinch – Fringilla coelebs

The Chaffinch is the UK’s second most common breeding bird and the most colourful of the UK finch family. It can be seen across the whole of the UK.


Male: The male Chaffinch has a blue-grey crown with a pinkish breast, throat and belly. Their wings and tails are black, with flashes of white.
Female: The female Chaffinch is duller in colour, with a cream-coloured breast, throat and belly and a buff-coloured crown.
Size: 14—16cm.
Bill: Blue-grey, short and stubby.
Legs: Black, medium length.
Habitat: Gardens, heaths, fields, woodlands and hedges.
Behaviour: Flits, hops, perches openly, takes off/lands on ground and vegetation.
Flocking: 1—200.
Flight: Undulating.
Voice: Loud pink-pink sound and a delicate song ending in a flourish.


Nest: Low vegetation.
Eggs: 4—5. Pale blue with red blotching.
Incubation period: 11—13 days.
Fledgeling: 12—15 days.
Broods: 1—2. April—May.
Food: Seeds and fruit.
UK breeding pairs: 5,800,000.

Suggested feed

Countrywide British Finch, Raisins/Sultanas.

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