Green Woodpecker – Picus viridis

The Green Woodpecker is the largest of the three woodpeckers found across the UK, and is wide-spread in residence, apart from in the far north/west of Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Male: A large, green and yellow bird with a bright red crown and mostachial stripe. Upperparts are green-grey, with a green-yellow rump and a short, dark-brown and pointed tail. The eyes are bordered in shiny black.
Female: As the male, but without the mostachial stripe.
Juvenile: Heavily black-barred face and underparts and a less obvious mostachial stripe seen on juvenile males.
Size: 30—33cm.
Bill: Strong, long, thin, silver-grey.
Legs: Grey and short.
Habitat: Often seen feeding from the ground and on heaths, downlands and pastures. Climbs tree trunks and branches and proficient at hanging from garden bird feeders in search of a regular food source.
Behaviour: Climbs, hangs, takes off/lands on vegetation, tables and feeders.
Flight: Undulating.
Voice: Loud laughing and a keu-keu-keu sound.


Nest: Bare holes in trees.
Eggs: 5—7. White.
Incubation period: 18—19 days.
Fledgeling: 18—21 days.
Broods: 1. April¬–May.
Food: Insects and nuts.
UK breeding pairs: 15,000.

Suggested feed

Countrywide Peanuts, Countrywide Dried Mealworms.

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