Siskin – Carduelis spinus

The little, lively Finch is mainly a resident breeder found across the UK. They are most commonly spotted in Wales and Scotland, until the winter months, when they become more frequently seen in slightly warmer England.


Male: Greenish upperparts and yellowish underparts, with streaked flanks. Its crown is black and it has a small black bib, black wings with bold yellow wing-bars and a yellow rump.
Female: Much duller in colouring, with tones of brown streaked with subtle yellow in the wings and tail. Upperparts are grey-green, whilst the underparts are more buff in colour, with overall streaking.
Size: 11.5–12.5cm.
Bill: White, short and stubby.
Legs: Brown, medium length.
Habitat: Woodlands, hedges, heaths and gardens. Especially likes to reside at the top of tall trees.
Behaviour: Flits, perches openly, takes off/lands on vegetation.
Flocking: 1–50.
Flight: Undulating.
Voice: Tsu, tsu – weet sound, amongst various twittering.


Nest: High in conifer trees.
Eggs: 3–5. Pale blue with reddish speckles.
Incubation period: 11–14 days.
Fledgeling: 13–15 days.
Broods: 2. April–May.
Food: Seeds, especially those from conifers, alders and birch trees. Also insects.
UK breeding pairs: 310,000.

Suggested feed

Countrywide Goldfinch and Siskin Bird Feed, Countrywide Niger Seed.

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