Song Thrush – Turdus philomelos

This neat, medium-sized thrush can be seen and heard all year round, across the whole of the UK.


Adult: Smaller and browner than the Mistle Thrush, this bird has brown upperparts and white underparts, neatly spotted in black, with a creamy yellow wash on its breast. Its face has distinctive eyebrows and mostachial streaks.
Size: 22–24cm.
Bill: Black, short and thin.
Legs: Pink, medium length.
Habitat: Gardens, heaths, woodlands, fields, bushes and trees.
Behaviour: Perches openly, hops, walks, takes off/lands from vegetation and ground.
Flocking: 1–15.
Flight: Strong, powerful and direct.
Voice: Variety of repeated song phrases and a chuk alarm call.


Nest: Trees and bushes.
Eggs: 4–6. Pale blue, speckled black.
Incubation period: 11–15 days.
Fledgeling: 12–16 days.
Broods: 2–3. March-August.
Food: Worms, snails, insects and berries.
UK breeding pairs: 1.1 million.

Suggested feed

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